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New Pallet Design and Manufacturing

Pallet Design:

Our company philosophy focuses around being a reliable pallet supplier with quality hardwood or pine pallets delivered in a timely manner, which minimizes pallet cost and maximizes customer expectations.

We want to introduce our Total pallet management, well designed pallets to match strength to cost benefit, quality manufactured pallets, and recovery services.


Pallet Manufacturing Process:

Good pallets are built with good quality control measures, good equipment, good employees, and a well laid out facility.


Quality control on our #1 grade pallet begins with printed grade rules for inspection of raw materials inbound, inspection behind pallet cut up plant, inspection during assembly, and inspection of assembled pallets at pallet nailing machine and during loading. Each plant has its own grading rules and performs detail inspection to provide you with the grade of product you require.



BWP embraces technological changes with computerized Viking Duo-mantic and Champion nailing machines, Baker ban saws, Grecon computerized optimizing cut up systems, Brewer gangs, Sawmill, Scrag mill, L & M Drag saws, and multi-trim saws to be able to manufacture quality pallets from a wide variety of raw materials and grades to provide alternatives to control cost and provide reliable services.

Good pallets begin with the right design. Minimizing cost by right sizing the dimension components of the pallets to match load applied to the pallet is just one benefit of using our pallet design system.


We will meet with you to review how your pallets are loaded; how high your pallets are stacked; how much load your pallets support; how your pallets are handled from warehouse to truck; and review to see if your pallet is a one way or a return pallet from your customer to better match customer requirements to pallet design.


Let us work with you to evaluate your pallet design including board thickness, number of stringers, wing versus flush, 2 or 4-way, raw material grade/specie, and export heat treatment IPPC 15 specifications.

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