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dba Louisiana Hoop Company, IncText Box: In 1910, the business was originally established by John Ed Ormsby as a cooperage plant located in Ferriday,  Louisiana under the name of Ferriday Hoop Company, later to become Louisiana Hoop Company, INC.  Elm logs were manufactured into a coiled wooden hoop used on slack barrels as seen to the right, which was the primary bulk container of its day because of ease of filling and handling with a single man.  The company patented its 3/16” bevel on one side and the 5/16” bevel on the opposite side, which allowed the hoops to fit better together around the barrel.  Elm boards were sawn and sent to a shear to make the long 2” wide beveled strips or hoops. Later hoops were  boiled to make them pliable to bend into the coil you see to right. Barrels were filled meats, pickles, flour, sugar, coffee, nails, and salt.  Barrels proved to be a stable economic provider for the city of Bunkie, Louisiana especially through the depression years.
In 1922 John Ed’s son, Francis Gerald Ormsby came into the business.  Flooding  of the Mississippi River generally put the mill out of business for four to five months out of the year.  After the great flood of 1927 of the Mississippi River, Francis decided to move the business to Bunkie, Louisiana in 1930.
Text Box: During World War II, barrels were in demand for shipping goods overseas for the war effort, giving Louisiana Hoop Company a priority status. 
In 1947, Francis son-in-law, Jack Cochran joined the business after returning from service in Italy during WWII and after earning his bachelor’s degree in Forestry from Louisiana State University.  
In 1950, Francis’ son, Gerald Edson “Tim” Ormsby entered the company after serving in the Pacific during WWII and completing his bachelors degree in Business Administration  from Texas A & M..  
During that period, these men ventured into manufacturing green hardwood and Pine furniture squares.  
The first dry kilns were installed in 1952, and thereafter the furniture trade was supplied with kiln dried hardwood squares, manufactured to the exact, specified requirements of the furniture industry.
In 1962, Louisiana Hoop Company was the last remaining wooden hoop plant in the United States when it ceased its hoop production.
Jack and Tim adapted over the years from the barrel hoop to primarily furniture squares sold across the United States.  In an effort to better utilize the timber and gain higher economical yields from the lower grade of the log, the company began in 1971 the production of hardwood pallets. 
In 1975, David G. Ormsby, son of Gerald Edson Ormsby and Eunice Faye Ormsby entered the company managing the personnel, production, product quality, purchasing, and plant facilities. David learned his trade from his Father while working in the mill during his youth.  David was born in Bunkie, graduated from Central Louisiana Academy and attended LSUA and the International Technical Institute in Baton Rouge. 
In 1988, Bert F. Cochran, son of Jack B and Winona O. Cochran, jointed the company.  Bert worked with the company during school and summer vacations from a young age learned the details of manufacturing and sales of the business.  Bert was born in Bunkie, graduated from Bunkie High School, received his bachelor’s deree in Mechanical Engineering and later a Master’s in Business Administration at Louisiana State University.
The four generations have insured the success of the company with personal hard work to honor the customers’ needs, building upon the trust laid down of providing quality products and prompt personal service to the wood utilizing industry.

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