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Thank you for taking the time to consider Bunkie Wood Products regarding pile cushions. They are produced using plywood or a combination of plywood and Oak timbers to fit your helmet pattern; the pile cushions are also tightly assembled to help minimize the heat generated within the cushion. We will ship the pile cushions to your job site.



Assembled cushions prompt delivery: less than a truck load, truck load delivery, or Hot Shot delivery to job site

-Plywood cushions

-Assembled to specification      

-Clip Corners                               

- Well manufactured

Remember Bunkie Wood Products for your other construction products such as: assembled mats, pine and hard wood lumber, timbers for cribbing material, wooden stakes for silt fencing, chocks, wood turnings/moldings, new or reconditioned pallets, cut to size OSB or plywood, wooden or plastic crates for storage of parts, export heat treatment to IPPC 15 standards.

Other construction needs

Hardwood timbered cushions using:

-customized standard size timber

- Large custom cut timbers

Pile Cushions