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Reconditioned or New #2 combo pallets

Meeting the needs of our customers

Good pallets begin with making a match that will meet your requirements and maintain your end users satisfaction.  A few of the  pallet size options include:


            48 x 48 reconditioned heavy duty drumming pallets

            44 x 44 reconditioned heavy duty sack pallets

            42 x 42 reconditioned heavy duty super sack pallets

            48 x 40 reconditioned GMA Grades B, A, AA,  AAA

            36 x 36 reconditioned or #2 pallet      

             Miscellaneous Heavy duty valve pallets 

             CP1, CP3, Euro—block style pallets

             Plastic Pallets solid tops and blocks varying in Grades

             Boxes and crates varying in size and dimensions



Reconditioned Pallet Options:

Many of our customers are finding cost savings through the use of carefully reconditioned and inspected pallets.  We provide everything from selecting specific heavy duty pallets to meet your requirements  to low cost miscellaneous repaired pallets.  Let us help you with finding the right pallets for requirement.

Reconditioned Grades & Services:

Combo - #2 Grade: Pallets built with combo of new stringers and #2 miss cut sound & solid deck boards;

AAA Grade:   Reconditioned pallet selected & sorted to look fresh sawn with full width boards

AA Grade: Reconditioned pallet selected with full width boards & original specifications allowing sun bleaching/graying

A Grade: Reconditioned pallets allowing metal plates to repair broken stringers (but no blocks), slight chip outs on lead boards for a good sound shipping pallet

B Grade:  Reconditioned pallets allowing blocks to repair broken stringers for a low cost shipping pallet.



Recovery and Reconditioned:  Your pallets can be successfully recovered from within the US in t/l lots, repaired and returned to your yard as required to save you money through multiple uses and provide a service to minimize your customer’s pallet disposal requirements.


Pallet Disposal:  BWP offers a disposal service to grind your unwanted pallets on site or offsite.

Pallet Grades: